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Executive Summary

This is our proof document for The BFlex Curve™ an investment strategy managed by Winning Points Advisors, LLC an SEC Registered Investment Advisory firm.

In this document, we will answer 5 questions, which are the essential elements of the strategy.

1 – Who we are and why we think we are the appropriate managers of this strategy?

2 – Where do the parts of the strategy come from and are they accepted as valid in the current investment world?

3 – How has the Strategy performed so far?

4 – What are some of the risks involved with The BFlex Curve™?

5 – How we can amplify the results of The BFlex Curve™?

The answer to the 5th question above is a way to turn up and down the intended results of the process, especially used for those that want more returns or are convinced that the markets will suddenly crash again.

The basic strategy is designed to ge­nerate an additional 7% (+/-) in cash flow to our managed accounts. In addition, this strategy helps those accounts to go up more when the markets go up, and have some protection against a sudden market crash.

However, there is no free lunch in investing so when the markets go down but don’t crash, we will underperform the market.

The BFlex Curve™ is an investment strategy. Individual account performance will vary and past performance is no guarantee of future results.

As part of this document, we will be linking to other websites, independent of ours. A proof document wouldn’t be very strong if all you got was our opinion, right? These other websites may have pop-up’s and solicitations.

Important: When you see something in blue, feel free to click on it for further proof that it’s correct.

Question 1

Who is Winning Points Advisors, LLC and why we think we are the appropriate managers for this strategy?

Below we will illustrate and link to evidence of this. First a little bit about Winning Points Advisors, LLC  [popup url=”” height=”500″ width=”600″ scrollbars=”yes” alt=”popup”] domiciled in Florida.[/popup]

[popup url=”” height=”500″ width=”600″ scrollbars=”yes” alt=”popup”] Winning Points Advisors LLC[/popup] is an [popup url=”” height=”500″ width=”600″ scrollbars=”yes” alt=”popup”]SEC Registered Investment advisory firm.[/popup]

The firm is located in Boca Raton FL, and is owned by its co-founder [popup url=”” height=”500″ width=”600″ scrollbars=”yes” alt=”popup”] Charles Stoll[/popup] a Florida CPA who has been in the investment business since 1979.

As of March 20, 2017, Winning Points Advisors, LLC had approximately $200,000,000 in discretionary assets under management. Winning Points Advisors, LLC [popup url=”” height=”500″ width=”600″ scrollbars=”yes” alt=”popup”] March 2017 ADV.[/popup]

The average client dollar has been with the firm for ___ years. The average client tenure (post 2 years) is ____ years.

The BFlex Curve™ is now available due to lower trading costs, technological improvements and access to data allowing us to operate more effectively. These services which were once only available to the super-wealthy are now available to everyone.

We believe we are the only RIA firm that is offering this strategy to small individual accounts, and mutual funds. Many other RIA firms offer strategies designed to reduce the volatility of such accounts, however we find that they also tend to reduce the ability of the accounts to profit from the markets.

There is always a trade-off in investing. Our strategy is designed to deliver higher profits than underlying indexes when they stay the same or go up, while attempting to protect the accounts from some or all the damage of a sudden and severe market decline.

Being the developer of the strategy and having built the software that manages it, makes Winning Points Advisors, LLC a likely best source for the potential benefits it offers.

Question 2

Where do the parts of the strategy come from and are they accepted as valid in the current investment world?

Consider The BFlex Curve™ is like a seasoning that you put on your existing investments to change how they act as the market moves. It can work when you own mutual funds, highly appreciated securities, an account with company stock in it, or some combination of underlying securities, including treasury or debt securities. *

It’s an add-on. One of the advantages of this strategy is you may not need to change your current portfolio positions.

The BFlex Curve™ has a few components:

[popup url=”” height=”500″ width=”600″ scrollbars=”yes” alt=”popup”] Covered Call Writing[/popup] This component sells call options that represents the underlying securities, we collect about 1% annually in cash flow by doing this.
[popup url=”” height=”500″ width=”600″ scrollbars=”yes” alt=”popup”]Selling Puts for Income and Profits[/popup]:This component is popular all over the investment community but it’s most famous user is [popup url=”” height=”500″ width=”600″ scrollbars=”yes” alt=”popup”]Warren Buffet[/popup] at Berkshire Hathaway. We sell puts to bring in a lot of cash, we estimate about 7% a year. We invest that money, let time go by and let the puts decline in value. Once a month we roll the puts out to raise more cash. Nothing is guaranteed of course but as Mr. Buffett suggests more volatility can be good if it results in greater gains.
[popup url=”” height=”500″ width=”600″ scrollbars=”yes” alt=”popup”]Buying Protective Puts[/popup] This component helps protect the account from a sudden dramatic market crash. Protective puts are not used as commonly as the other two components because they consume cash. While nothing is guaranteed, the math and modeling done by us and others suggest that it will work.
We have discussed covered calls, selling puts and buying protective puts. It is our combination of these three components that, when applied and maintained, is designed to change how your portfolio will react when the market moves.

So, we put this mixture of these three components on your portfolio, designed to produce7% (+/-) additional cash flow. Additionally, it is designed to overperform a rising market while underperforming a declining market. Finally, our third component protective puts are designed to recover some, if not all the loses in a dramatic downturn.

*If your current portfolio is in Qualified plans, IRA’s or 401k’s, you will need to utilize an Investment Vehicle that utilizes The BFlex Curve ™.

Question 3

How has The BFlex Curve performed, so far?

The BFlex Curve™ has generally performed better than the equity markets.   (Past performance no guarantee of future performance)

Since using the The BFlex Curve ™ in our largest account has shown a return of  [popup url=”” height=”500″ width=”600″ scrollbars=”yes” alt=”popup”]36.93%[/popup] as opposed to the S&P 500™ Total Return Index. of  [popup url=”” height=”500″ width=”600″ scrollbars=”yes” alt=”popup”]29.55%[/popup]. (Data provided as of October 5, 2017.)

Keep in mind, that the account is net of costs. The account also is purchasing “Protective Puts” which are designed to potentially protect against a catastrophic market collapse.

Despite these costs this account still outperforms the S&P 500™ Total Return Index. by 700 basis points or 7%..

Question 4

What are some of the risks involved with The BFlex Curve™?

All investing involves risk, such as loss of capital, missed opportunities and others. When we add The BFlex Curve™ to an account, we will increase the profit potential of the account as well as its volatility. This is intentional as part of the design of the strategy. This might look bad if the following or similar events occur:

The client directs us to close the The BFlex Curve™options early. This strategy needs time to function properly.
The stocks in the account or the markets go up very fast in a short time period. This might be due to a takeover of a stock or stocks in the account, and could potentially result in the client missing some of the profits from such a market move or takeover. Our use of call options on indexes help to reduce this risk. Generally, the markets are known to “melt-down” not “melt-up.”
The market declines suddenly and the brokerage firm will not allow us to adjust options and positions in the account, or the markets fall (and potentially close) and the options we bought to insure against such an event expire without value. This might be due to limited market access, technology challenges or the severity of the market moves. We deliberately designed The BFlex Curve™ to stagger the purchase of the protective puts to offset some of this risk.
Question 5

How can we amplify the results of The BFlex Curve™?

The BFlex Curve™ strategy is designed to work with your current portfolio. However, some clients allow us to implement The BFlex Curve™ while owning mutual funds that are internally using The BFlex Curve strategy. *

Doing so increases the volatility in the short run but is designed to amplify returns both on the positive side when the markets go up, and if the markets collapse.

This may be attractive for people who are still in cash and those looking to play catch up or for owners of highly appreciated securities.

An actual account that uses this strategy was up [popup url=”” height=”500″ width=”600″ scrollbars=”yes” alt=”popup”]25.2%[/popup] in 2016 compared to S & P 500 return of 11.96%. The proof of our volatility promise is shown during the January 2016 correction when this account was down  [popup url=”” height=”500″ width=”600″ scrollbars=”yes” alt=”popup”]11.63%[/popup] compared to the market of – 4.96% After that correction, the account recovered to end the year at [popup url=”” height=”500″ width=”600″ scrollbars=”yes” alt=”popup”]+25.2%[/popup]

This is important as it proves that The BFlex Curve™ will underperform when the markets go down a little but not a lot, but when the markets go up, The BFlex Curve™ has been shown to go up more.

We cannot have the overperformance on the upside and the potential savings during a market crash without the underperformance when the markets go down a little.

Click here to learn how to [popup url=”” height=”500″ width=”600″ scrollbars=”yes” alt=”popup”] amplify[/popup] the results of The  BFlex Curve™.

*if your current portfolio is in Qualified plans, IRA’s or 401k’s, you will need to utilize an Investment Vehicle that utilizes The BFlex Curve™.


Thanks for looking at our PROOF document that is designed to show you evidence, much of it from independent parties, regarding The BFlex Curve™.

We have shown you that the components of The BFlex Curve™ come from good families, including Warren Buffett and many of Wall Street largest firms, and that they are widely known and written about. None of this is new, only the mixture of the components.

We have shown you that The BFlex Curve™ is working, and working well in the markets, delivering greater than market returns, while reminding you, of course, that past performance is no guarantee of future results.

We have shown you studies generated by a third party prime broker illustrating what might happen if the markets collapse. The conclusion we hope that you will come to is that we have the protection in place to potentially reduce losses if the markets should crash.

We have shown you in detail the downside of The BFlex Curve™ which is, if the market fall a little but not a lot, The BFlex Curve™ will underperform the averages. If we didn’t have this downside we couldn’t have the two potential upsides.

We have shown you how to amplify the potentially already good results by using certain investment vehicles to allow The BFlex Curve™ to work for you, twice over.

We hope that this evidence will lead you the conclusion that the strategy deserves more of your time and discussion.

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Thank you.

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