The Bflex Curve Proof Page

Executive Summary


This is our proof document for The BFlex Curve™ an investment strategy managed by Winning Points Advisors, LLC an SEC Registered Investment Advisory firm. (What is an SEC Registered Advisory (RIA) Firm.

This executive summary will act as a summary and an index to the supporting documents and evidence that together become OUR proof of The BFlex Curve™.

This presentation method will allow those that want to drill down in certain topics of interest to do so, while allowing others to skip certain details. For more information on any subject click on the

In this document, we will answer 5 questions, that are the essential elements of the strategy.

  • Who we are and why we think we are the appropriate managers of this strategy,
  • Where the various parts of the strategy came from and source documentation to help prove that each part of the strategy is individually accepted in the current investment world.
  • How the strategy is performing using audited results from public companies and unaudited reports based on actual clients’ accounts.
  • What are the special risks that our program has that are supplemental to those of normal investment strategies. These differences make all the difference.
  • What are the special benefits when the process is used using Mutual Funds that internally use our strategy.

 This concept is not covered in the videos. This is a way to turn up and down the intended results of the process, especially used for those that want more returns or are convinced that the markets will suddenly crash again. Like in 9/11.

To the best of our knowledge our strategy is unique in that it’s a businessman’s approach to risk and returns.

The process is designed to generate an additional 7% (+/-) in cash flow to our managed accounts. In addition, assist those accounts to go up more when the markets go up, and have some protection against a sudden market crash, The type of crash that changes our world dramatically for the worst, like 9/11.

 However, there is no free lunch so when the markets go down but doesn’t crash, we will underperform the market. A

There are no guarantees. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

These are not guaranteed or warranted results nor is The BFlex Curve™ an investment product.